My dog doesent eats her own food she leaves it in there and she just…

My dog doesent eats her own food she leaves it in there and she just sits and beg for ours,what should i do?

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1 year ago

I am a proponent of two feedings a day- one in the morning and one in the evening. Our dogs get fed separately from us, and when we are eating at the table, dogs are on their beds, not near the table. It takes a little time and training, but it is worth it. I start by rewarding them with a treat when the stay on there bed while we are at the table. Each time they get off of their bed, and they will, I patiently bring them back and have them lay down on it. If they stay… Read more »

1 year ago

For some reason, my comment disappeared twice. I would avoid all snacks or treats for now. Feed set meals, and when she walks away from her food, take her food away until the next meal. Do this for three meals – by the third, she SHOULD be interested in her food. Don’t put any toppers like fancy canned food or people food in her bowl, just her regular kibble with a little warm water. If she is healthy, she will not starve herself…if, after the third meal, she is still refusing her food, get her to the vet to be… Read more »