He is also constantly licking his paws, legs, etc. I’ve heard this can be…

He is also constantly licking his paws, legs, etc. I’ve heard this can be a sign of allergies. No new exposures in the house or outdoors?? Can’t get in to vet until tomorrow, but hate seeing him suffer like this. Thoughts or suggestions??

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5 years ago

ooh, that’s familiar.  is he bumpy, or does he just have dry/itchy skin?  is he on any sort of skin or coat supplement? do you happen to have a dilute (fawn or blue)?  they can be prone to skin problems. if not, are you feeding a higher end diet without corn, if not grain free?  is the main protein chicken?  try to feed the highest quality you can find (i feed Wellness CORE, for example). my dobe girl is an itchy beast right now, as well, but i know it’s a contact allergy.  definitely try to nail down the type… Read more »

5 years ago

hmm. this is going to be a pain, but this seemed to work really well: http://seattle-attorney.com/storm/sup.html

your dog could be allergic to just about anything, really. grass is a common one, as are mold and dust mites. my girl has a mold allergy.

i wish you luck. i LOVE LOVE LOVE dilutes, but i’d never be able to keep one due to their special coat needs.