My 5 year old cat was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma on her face a month ago…

My 5 year old cat was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma on her face a month ago, the tumour was on her left jaw and continued all the way along the side of her face above her eye. I found her yesterday morning sprawled out on the floor covered in her urine and she had poo’d, it looked like she really struggled and move around the entire floor as there were traces of poo and wet fur all over. She seemed to not be able to move, I wrapped her in a blanket and comforted her, her eyes were glazed and tongue sticking out, she was trying to stretch her paws, after about an hour she wee’d on me and then tried to scratch the back of her head with her back paws, then she was gone. Two days before, she started circling round to the left, the vet said the tumour is probably growing into her brain, gave her painkillers and sent her home. We were going to discuss her options with an oncologist the next day, but she’d had this incident and died. It is distressing not knowing what really happened before I found her, and whether she was aware of what was going on and in pain, I am hating myself for taking her home, why did the vet not recommend I put her to sleep to prevent the suffering she went through in her last hours / minutes / who knows how long?

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