My 7 year old Min Pin just got diagnosed with Cervical IVDD. Lex had a…

My 7 year old Min Pin just got diagnosed with Cervical IVDD. Lex had a freak accident and fell off the recliner while cuddled under a blanket 9 days ago. He couldn’t move. We took him to emergency vet who sent him to an animal hospital to see a neurologist. Right off the bat, they suggested a MRI and potentially surgery which would cost us anywhere from 6-9k total. I was heartbroken. We started a gofundme and did the best we could. Unfortunately, these procedures are out of our budget, which as you can understand, is debesyated when you feel you’d do anything for your baby, so we took Lex home 4 days ago with prednisone, gabapentin, famotodine and a probiotic. While he was in the hospital resting, they said he was standing and taking steps. Since being home, he had terrible diarrhea, we had to take him off the prednisone and double dose his gabapentin. He’s been wincing more frequently, trouble with drinking water and it’s become harder and harder to get him out of crate to try going outside. All four of his legs have been affected but his left side was severely affected and he has a lot of knuckling. Some days both of his front paws will knuckle. I’m scared and trying to be hopeful but since coming home, it seems he’s gotten worse. I’m doing the best I can, we may go have a fentanyl patch placed on him today. I’m having a hard time picking him up and placing him comfortably as he seems to only sleep with relief when he’s curled up. Any help, support or suggestions are helpful. I’m trying to do what’s best for my baby boy.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I’m sory to hear about the difficulties that you are having. I think that the best advice I can give is to go back to whichever vet you trust and feel most comfortable with for a reassessment. These cases are always difficult but close supervision every few days is very very helpful for all involved. I wish you both the best of luck.