My 9 month old puppy was puking for two days we took him to the…

My 9 month old puppy was puking for two days we took him to the vet they “found” two obstructions and said he needed surgery to remove them. He went for surgey four five hours and the vet didn’t find any obstructions. Said it was his gallbladder and said he drained the fluid from it. When we called to check up on him at 7 am the vet said he was recovering well and to come in that evening to discuss after surgery care. When we got there turns out he was in critical condition. We took him from that clinic and brought him to an emergency clinic. He has been there for two nights now. They have done X-ray from his mouth down to his rear end and there is nothing that they can see wrong. They have also done blood tests and his white blood count is abnormal but that’s is because of the surgery. They also mentioned that his gallbladder was abnormally large for him. This his fourth day in care and they are unable to diagnose his problem still. He still can’t hold food down. He has mucus in him stomach as nothing is moving inside still. Do you have any ideas or suggestion for possibilities of what we are looking at?? Desperately looking for help.

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Humaira Mou
5 years ago

I don’t know it’s age or diet but seems like the 1st vet misdiagnosed his condition and made it worse. A case of critical food poisoning now has become a life and death situstion. Pls be patient and use the net to find as much information about such symptoms as possible. Prayers!

Dawn Ferara, DVM
5 years ago


Sorry for all your trouble!  Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get the actual diagnosis and we just treat the symptoms.  I’m sure the vets have tested for parvovirus and parasites.  I really don’t have other suggestions beside surgery, fluid therapy etc.  it really sounds like everything that needs to be done is being done and unfortunately it could be a virus which is just going to take time to pass.

I’m sorry I wasn’t more help!  Good luck sand I hope your pup gets better!