Did I make the right decision to put my dog down? Last Thursday my…

Did I make the right decision to put my dog down? Last Thursday my 4 1/2 year old border collie mix (maybe lab mix) Moo Moo for no reason started bobbing her head back and forth, her eyes were going left to right none stop. I rushed her to my vet, she had a couple more in a matter of a few minutes. the vet gave her valium-it didn’t help-gave her another dose and still no change. They were trying everything they could but after several hours and several more seizures I asked my vet “if she stopped seizing, what is the likelihood that she would suffer from brain damage”? my vet said the chances are she would probably not be the same dog. I couldn’t bear to see her laying there unable to control her head from going side to side with her tongue out to the side. so I asked the vet to put her out of her misery. I haven’t stopped crying because what if she came out of it? Did I act too soon? all these thoughts keep running through my head. She was normal and active 5 minutes before this happened. She didn’t get into anything poisonous so how could this happen so suddenly? Please help me understand.

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Sue Bona
5 years ago


I’m so sorry for your loss.  Although this is very hard on you, your girl isn’t suffering any more and that’s the important thing.  It’s so hard for us when it’s so sudden like this, but so much easier on them to not have to go through a long drawn out illness. It sounds like she was very loved and had a wonderful life with you.  

With my deepest sympathy,


Sue Bona
5 years ago

Flora, I’m glad we could help. Please let us know if we can do anything else. Please take good care of yourself right now. I’m sure you’re feeling pretty fragile. Maybe it would help if you could go away for a few days. Just a thought. Sue

julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Flora, firstly I am so very sorry this has happened to your girl. What a traumatic and heartbreaking time you’ve had too.  I have no idea why your Border Collie started having seizures like this, it could have been anything from a brain tumour that suddenly grew enough to cause symptoms to something genetic..to something else. It sounds like even the Vet didn’t know what the problem was. I think the only way you would have found out was an MRI scan and you were not given that option. If your girl had been referred to a Specialist to… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hello again Flora, all of us have this decision to face at some stage with our dogs…….and we all feel the same afterwards. Theres a huge space they fitted in….and now its empty. As Sue said you will be very fragile right now and anything that helps you through it….then do it. I’m so pleased we could help you a little and please do post again if you want to. Sue and I will of course reply. Sending big hugs and thinking of you……xx