Dear Dr. Magnifico, I felt compelled to contact you after reading your blog. My dilemma…

Dear Dr. Magnifico, I felt compelled to contact you after reading your blog. My dilemma is with my 22 month old French Bulldog, Thibaut. I knew when I got him that he would be higher maintenance than other breeds, but his health issues have been overwhelming. I am at a total loss on how to help him, if in fact he can be helped. He has chronic aspiration pnuemonia. His stomach doesn’t empty. Pyloric stenosis ruled out. Esophageal sphincter normal 3 mos ago. Mega esophagus ruled out. He’s on a combo of cisipride , reglan, carafate, Prevacid. He refluxes sometimes thru his nose and develops pnuemonia every few weeks. Episodes cause vasovagal syncope. Consulted with docs at Auburn. Waiting on test results for myasthenia gravis. When he’s "healthy" he’s a total joy. He’s just sick more often than not. It’s not that he’s too much of a burden; he’s my best little friend. It is just painful to watch. My vet is great and has been totally committed to his care. Truthfully, I have lost all perspective on what is the kindest thing for my dog. I have spent in excess of 10k since last May, and did so gladly, but at some point it will become a factor. Any suggestions on a next step? I would be most grateful for any input.

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Kelly, Thank you so much for your confidence and I appreciate that you are finding helpful advice in my blog. There’ s quite a bit going on here. First I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with your pup, especially at such a young age. Honestly of all of the breeds of dogs I think that bulldogs are plagued with the biggest problems of them all. It sounds like you have done a pretty thorough job of working up the possible causes to his problem, but an upper gi endoscopy might help identify the… Read more »