My dog (small breed, schweenie) started getting sick a few days ago, took her to…

My dog (small breed, schweenie) started getting sick a few days ago, took her to the vet and we found out she had been bit by a brown recluse spider. When they did her blood work, the venom had damaged her liver and elevated her enzymes so badly that it wouldn’t even register on the test, even when diluted. She also was having issues clotting and had the little red marks on her belly which have disappeared since. We were basically told it was a slim chance she would make it but that the liver was a regenerating organ and not a lot, but some dogs have survived this kind of trauma. My biggest concern was her suffering but the vet told me to give her 24 more hours since she had already went 2-3 days and was still moving around (not a lot but some) and drinking on her own, if she developed any more lack of clotting dots or declined more, euthanasia was our only option, however if she survived 24 more hours, call them and they would put her on medication. I called them after 24 hours and she was put on Doxycycline and an anti-nausea medicine. Well, she is still alive and fighting for her life in my supportive care and we are going on day 4-5 now of her being ill. She drinks on her own, but will not eat on her own (she hasn’t since about the first night she started getting sick). The last few hours her temp has been 99.1 and 99.3 which I know is low, is this dangerous? Her respiratory and heart rate are both normal range. Also, is there an estimated time frame on how long the venom will stay active inside of her before her liver will be able to start the healing process so that she will be able to heal from this? I’ve been giving her water/gatorade mixture as well as regular water for hydration. I have also been force feeding her a little baby food here and there with a syringe also for hydration. She still throws up, but has only threw up twice from the time frame of yesterday afternoon to this morning. She has been able to keep a lot of it down though. I tried getting her to lay bundled in a blanket on top of a heating pad because I am nervous about the mildly low temp, but she keeps getting up and wanting to lay elsewhere.

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