My daughter adopted 2 cats from a shelter. The cats were purely indoor. After having…

My daughter adopted 2 cats from a shelter. The cats were purely indoor. After having them for six months, they noticed the cats had tapeworms, which they got treated by a vet. They then experienced the most awful flea infestation in their apartment. They had their cats dipped, given medication by the vet twice; treated every inch of their apartment by thoroughly vacuuming, carpet cleaning, spraying and then bombing the place on more than one occasion. The infestation continued.
They ended up taking days off work, moving everything out of their apartment, washing all of the walls and baseboards with a flea insecticide; threw out their couch, pillows, rugs, washed every article of clothing and bedding and towels in their entire place, then used a highly recommended insecticide inside. They completely shaved their cats fur and treated them once again via a medication from the vet.
They then moved to another place. My daughter just called me in tears because she sees tapeworms coming out of the cats’ anus. They spent over $800 on treatments, and used the vets oral medications twice. This has been ongoing for 5 months. They thought it was eradicated before they moved. What is going on here and is there any help for these poor cats and my daughter????

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1 year ago

Hi there. So sorry this is happening to your daughter. Assuming they still use the same vet, I would call. Being that the vet is familiar with the situation, they very well may have your daughter come in right away to start the process of resolving this once and for all. Sometimes it does take a couple of tries to get these things taken care of.

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your daughters problems. I have seen many clients find out that there is a terrible flea problem and need to treat their home and pets for at least 6 months before they got the fleas under control. It can be devastating and frustrating. I am sorry. If it makes you feel any better (and I honestly mean this) of all of the parasites of the world tapeworms are some of the most benign. They will go away when the fleas go away. They are gross but rarely dangerous to your pet. Try not to… Read more »