I rescued a Dalmation mix puppy and about a week after bringing her home, shes…

I rescued a Dalmation mix puppy and about a week after bringing her home, shes developed what looks like tiny red pimples on her stomach and armpits. I took her to the vet and the vet didn’t seem worried. She said to spray her with antifungal and antibacterial spray. However, it itchiness stops for about an hour and then shes right back at it again. Does anyone elses dog have this problem?

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Brent Harte
5 years ago

If the rash is progressively worsening and the dog is licking their paws, you may have a food allergy. Food allergies result in histamine being released into the dogs skin. The histamines cause heat resulting in rashes, dogs release heat via their paws therefor they lick and chew them. Add a powerful probiotic formulation to their diet. If the rash is local and seems to be caused by an outside irritant, use a shampoo containing aloe and some type of natural antiseptic like tea tree oil. Second apply a salve containing some type of sulfur compound.

Brent Harte
5 years ago

Dogs do not have any digestive enzymes in their saliva, therefor their ability to break food down into a molecular structure or size that passes through the lining of the small intestine is compromised. For this reason partially broken down food particles or macro molecules get stuck in the lining, the dogs immune system treats these food particles as pathogens creating an allergic response to that ingredient in their diet. Changing the dogs diet may provide temporary relief however the dogs typically develop an allergy to another ingredient. Our research indicates adding a probiotic/enzyme complex combined with compounds that ferment… Read more »