My dad’s dog bites at my feet and ankles when I visit, which he only…

My dad’s dog bites at my feet and ankles when I visit, which he only does to me even when there’s others in the room. Before he does, I notice he lingers around me and will act nonchalant before doing so. He also sometimes will growl at me when no one is home but not in a totally scary way. He clings to my stepmother and when she leaves he gets very sad and won’t leave the couch and if he does come near me it’s for a quick second. He won’t accept treats and honestly acts weird, does this mean he has some aggression towards me? I’ve been trying to be more assertive and stern instead of showing fear like I used to.

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3 years ago

Given the information you’ve shared, I would say that he needs to work on his manners, and he may have a few issues as well that need to be addressed. You said when you visit he acts this way. How frequent are your visits? If they’re pretty much daily, then I would suggest involving you in the training process. If your visits are less frequent, then your parents are going to have to take the reigns on this and do some basic obedience with their dog. I would sign up for a basic class, even if they have done one… Read more »

3 years ago

As a trainer, all I can say is find a behaviorist and get them in the home, witnessing this behavior firsthand. We cannot evaluate it online.