My dad took the other one back , and made me have this one …

My dad took the other one back , and made me have this one . Is it cruel ?

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

If it is for the same hamster, I would say it is way too small. There is no place to run/walk a bit without running against a wall. No space for multiple houses, a good running wheel and so on. He needs a bigger one. Also he may will conunie to chew on the bars with this one. Also the bedding is not high enough. Hamsters like to dig. It should have 40cm somewhere in his cage. The two floors he haves may hurt is feet, as they have no solid ground and only iron bars. This may make his… Read more »

Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

Sorry, I didn’t want to offend you. I just told you my experiences. I saw what iron bars can do with feet. Just from the questions you ask one can the that you want the ebst for your hamster. Just try the best with this cage. Give him more litter on one side, so he can burrow and maybe place newspaper on top of these floors. That can prevent foot problems in the future. Cardboard may also help. You can use it from old packaging. I did that with a small cage I used for my sick rats. You can… Read more »