I am concerned with my cat that she may be having seizures. She recently had…

I am concerned with my cat that she may be having seizures. She recently had hip surgery (about 2 weeks ago) and so I am worried I might have first confused the symptoms as pain.

These "episodes" usually happen once every other night – always at night. She will stare into space and see things that aren’t there, then squint her eyes almost to where they are closed and her mouth is slightly open. Her head does not shake, but it lightly trembles like she is cold. After a couple of minutes she gets up and is fine, wants to eat and play. I give her the pain medicine she in on post-surgery, but I don’t know if that is helping or if the "seizure" is ending, if that is what it is.

I will definitely consult her vet Monday and bring her in if need be – I am just worried and found this site. I wish I could go on the weekend but the surgery was so expensive I can’t afford to pay the extra for an emergency visit.

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Molly, Quite an interesting question here. Some of the things that I would ask you are: 1. What type of surgery? 2. How long ago? In days? 3. How is your cat getting along now? 4. What medications is your cat on? List all with doses and the size of your cat. Lastly, based on the answers to the above questions I would closely look at the pain medication. I ALWAYS blame the drugs first. Secondly, I think that two weeks of pain medications is a long time for a cat post-op. My first suggestion would be to call… Read more »