My 3 yr old yorkshire terrier x maltese has vomitted 3 times in the…

My 3 yr old yorkshire terrier x maltese has vomitted 3 times in the last 4 hours. Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned as the vomit does not look strange. What bothers me is his tummy. He has not had any diarrhea, but his tummy is making the noises I would expect to go along with diarrhea. He does not seem to be in any kind of distress or even discomfort at all and is breathing normally.

I bet I sound completely paranoid, but I’ve never known this to happen. Should I be worried at all?

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Kristie Scheib
5 years ago

It could possibly be worms. Depending on the amount of the worms it can cause vomit. My dogs had worms and that’s when their bellies were making that noise.

Jana Rade
5 years ago

You don’t sound paranoid to me, probably I’m the queen of paranoid. Sadly, for a good reason. My rule of thumb is “one vomit, no vomit” unless there is blood in it, looks like coffee grounds or there is distress to come with it.

Vomiting 3 times in four hours would concern me. Any chance he’s overheated? Any chance he ate something he shouldn’t?