My vet never gave any advice, and that’s why I am confused. First of all…

My vet never gave any advice, and that’s why I am confused. First of all, my dog, a 12 yr old senior,all of a sudden couldn’t move her back legs four days ago and she couldn’t get up. After a few days she started to be able to walk around a bit, but she would still fall and had extreme difficulty. We took her to the vet who said it could be her large tumors (she had multiple ones that had never affected her but a month or two ago she developed one along the spine) that were contributing to the pain or it could be spinal arthritis. His suggestions was to “try medicine to see if that helps.” There was no guarantee. She hadn’t been herself. She stopped eating dog food and only would accept our human food instead, as we tried to get her to eat. She was shedding profusely. She shook profusely (like when you get scared kind of shaking.) She had recently begun to start sleeping a lot more often before this issue. She stopped drinking water of her own initiative a few days before we put her to sleep, so I would cup the water in my hands and she would drink it only through that and the day we took her to the vet she refused to drink it from my head and took off in the other direction. She was also extremely restless at night, pacing and could not find a place she wanted to lay down on. She would pant after walking a distance of a few feet. The vet said he was concerned about her 10 pound less. She was getting very thin. We decided to put her to sleep when we saw the vet, because we felt she was dying. Were any of those issues signs of her dying and not signs of the pain caused by spinal arthritis? I feel maybe we jumped the gun when she could have possibly lived a year or two longer. Do you believe those were signs she was ready to pass on and she might have done so on her own? I just don’t want to feel bad about putting her to sleep.

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Tim Dagg
5 years ago

What were the circumstances I’m sure if you loved your dog you have done the right thing by it

julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Ash…..what an awful time its been for you, I am so very sorry you have lost a dog you obviously loved very much indeed.  After reading your question and seeing she had tumours; went off her back legs; the shaking; restless and couldn’t settle or get comfortable;  not wanting food or even water at the end ……tells me your girl was in a great deal of pain.  Ash you have done absolutely the right thing in my opinion. The Vet may have possibly given her Steriods which could have perked her up a bit short term. However I don’t… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Krista, thank you for the lovely words. The pain of losing them never really goes does it………..?