My cat has a clogged tear duct and he has an eye infection (conjunctivitis) that…

My cat has a clogged tear duct and he has an eye infection (conjunctivitis) that the doctor says is the herpes virus. He has lots of tears pooling under his eye and his eye is very wet and glossy. Its pink and irritated and closed slightly. He was put on famciclovir 250 mg three times a day for three weeks and was doing better but then this weekend his eye didnt look so great so the doctor said to double his dose to 2 250mg pills of famciclovir a day becaue he wa sunderdiagnosed becasue she said for his weight (17.5 pounds) he should be taking two pills and give a prescription for azithromycin. She said that she is not going to try to unclog the tear duct? His eye will continue to tear here and there. Should she try to unclog it and is this medication too much?

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Sarah (@scgreco413)
3 years ago

Hello. You have to trust your vet. I would make my concerns known to them and have a conversation about what to do. If after that you are still concerned, ask for a second opinion. Best of luck.