How do you clear a blocked urethra on a male cat, if you catch the…

How do you clear a blocked urethra on a male cat, if you catch the problem quick enough, before having to go to vet?

My cat seems to continue getting urethra blockage with sludge, crystals, etc. He’s on the science diet C/D formula. Nothing else. Dry and wet. Why does this seem to continue happening. Is there a way to help him unblock veggie taking him to the vet

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I have multiple YouTube videos on blocked cats. In them I describe that I think it is almost impossible and highly improbable that you can do this without sedation or anesthesia unless they are so sick and debilitated that they are comatose (which absolutely happens) but waiting that long is too long and the prognosis for them to unblock or survive with a good prognosis is slim and too dangerous to chance.

3 years ago

Good morning, I’m so sorry that this is a recurring problem for you. We had a cat years ago that we had to put through two major surgeries for the same thing. After the second surgery and the Rx food, he did well. I think that you should speak with your vet about other things you could do at home to try to prevent this in the future. Your vet may be able to prescribe some homeopathic remedies and prevention methods as well. And I do know that we had to change the type of cat litter that we were… Read more »