My cat is chewing up everything in my house, what should i do?! I really…

My cat is chewing up everything in my house, what should i do?!
I really love my cat, she is the world to me but she has pica, and she has been chewing up gloves, flip flops, paper, the leather coach, wires, her food bag, and more. I dont want her eating something then getting sick, and i dont want her eating all of my stuff. I try getting her toys but she just chews that up too. I just want her to be happy and me too. And i dont have a bunch of money to buy her more toys. I just want some advice on how to protect her and my stuff at the same time.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, It sounds to me like your kitty is bored and trying to keep herself occupied the best she can. Here’s what I do. One, maybe a companion for your kitty will help? I really believe that two cats (who like each other and play together) is far easier than one hat drives their owner crazy. Two, lots and lots and lots of toys. I swear by the big corrugated cardboard scratching mats. The bigger the better. Smeared with catnip applied weekly. (Always buy organic). Then play! Play! Play! You have to dedicate loads of time to playing. It really… Read more »

2 years ago

Good morning. Have you discussed this with your vet? If not, I would request bloodwork to rule out any underlying conditions. I know that sometimes diabetes can cause pets to eat things they shouldn’t. If there is an underlying condition adding to the pica, then proper meds and/or diet may help the situation. You also might want to try spraying thins your cat ianprone to chewing with an odor she doesn’t like? I would discuss options woh my vet to find the safest one. But I have seen “repellent” sprays- I have to admit that I have never used them… Read more »