I have a one year old chaweeny she will go for days without eating(except treats…

I have a one year old chaweeny she will go for days without eating(except treats) i feed her her Blue dog food, tried a little veg oil, tried tomato sause tried chicken broth and different flavor blue dog food what can i do?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

My mother keeps telling me the same thing — her tiny dog is not eating!  And I noticed he has GAINED weight since I have him to her in November last year.  After some investigation with the help of my dad, I discovered that she feeds him part of her own meals and snacks throughout the day.  Ha, why would he want to eat dog food when he is getting part of a ham sandwich for breakfast, some chicken or eggs at lunch, a bit of cookies or cake in the late afternoon, and salmon for dinner each and every… Read more »

5 years ago

seconding this. i’m NOT a vet, but i’m going to guess she’s just eating the treats because hey, treats! this is, of course, assuming she’s perfectly healthy.

go to meal feeding. withhold all treats. put food down, wait 10-15 minutes, if she doesn’t show interest, pick it up until next mealtime. no healthy dog will starve themselves – she’ll eventually eat.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello! Have you tried withholding treats? Or use your regular dog food as a treat … If you feed can food just make some into small meatballs to feed, if it’s dry food just use it as if it were a treat. Also , this may sound strange but many little dogs don’t like putting their heads into a regular dog bowl to eat, esp if their collar or tags clang on the bowl. Try also offering meals on a paper plate and see if that helps. Good luck!!