Hi. We found this dying and badly injured lizard in our balcony when we got…

Hi. We found this dying and badly injured lizard in our balcony when we got home from work. It was actually upside down and we thought it was dead, but then we saw its throat puffing out and realized it was alive. We turned it, but it could barely move. There was blood in the floor, it has skin missing, and it seems as if the vertebrae might be fractured because it has a bump. I know nothing of lizards (we rescue dogs), but I wish I could save its life. We placed it in a 18″ x 12″ box with clear plastic bottom and a mesh on top and placed tiny pieces of bread and a shallow container with water. I looked up some information and placed the UV light that we use for killing mosquitoes on top of the box. Do you think it might have any chances of survival? Should we put something like antibiotic in its exposed “muscle” (the area with no skin)? I thought that if we gave it a chance, meaning, not leaving it available to ants or other animals that would eat it, perhaps it could regenerate its skin and survive. Since we placed it in the box, it moved and seemed to have eaten some bread and taken some water, but it’s been still for over an hour (perhaps sleeping?). Would appreciate any advice.



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