Okay so I noticed about 3-4 weeks ago that my 6 month old female rat…

Okay so I noticed about 3-4 weeks ago that my 6 month old female rat was getting really skinny especially compared to my other rats. The about 2 weeks ago her poo was runny so I thought that she had diarrhoea and I gave her some yoghurt as I heard that helped rats with diarrhoea. Then about 5-6 days ago I realised that she was bleeding from the rear. I’m not sure if it’s from the anus or from the vagina as I actually haven’t seen it come out. I’ve just noticed blood covering the fur around her rear and blood on me when I’ve handled her. I do also think that she has some respiratory issues as she seems to sneeze a lot more then my other rats. All of her cage mates seem to be in perfect health. What could be the cause of this bleeding and how can I fix it or help her? (Taking her to the vet isn’t an opition either)

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

I had pyometra in some of my rats, all were eating and drinking normally and also behaving normally. Maybe place her in the transportbox together with some toiletpaper until she pees. Maybe it is her urine. If she has an infected bladder she needs antibiotics and maybe pain meds, as it is painful. Other reasons I had for blood from the rear: Tumor in the colon and renal failure. No matter the reason, you can’t help her, she needs to see a vet. If you sold her, maybe her new owner is willing to help her? Do you have friends… Read more »

5 years ago

unfortunately, she really needs a vet.  please find a way to get her in.

5 years ago

could be pyometra, which is fatal if left untreated. could be something else. a vet’s the only person who’d know, though, and this really should be a priority.

5 years ago

Rhiannon, It could be many things going on with your rat. Is she possibly pregnant? Are all your other rats females? Or as someone else mentioned, it could be pyometra (basically infected uterus), or she could have a tumor that has ruptured. It’s hard to say , and only a vet would be able to examine and figure things out. Since that is not an option for you, I’d suggest keeping her AWAY from your other rats, in case it is something that is contagious., also when a rat is sick, often the other rats will bully it, bite it,… Read more »