Before I start, I want to say that I have been to two different vets…

Before I start, I want to say that I have been to two different vets – an ER vet and his normal vet.

This all started last Saturday night when he vomited and started shaking (almost like a purr would feel, but constant and it definitely wasn’t a purr). We took him to the ER vet and they gave him fluids and meds (one was a pain med). He seemed fine until last night when he started shaking again. ER vet said to wait an hour to see if it stopped before bringing him in. It stopped after about 30 minutes. I brought him to his normal vet this morning and his exam was normal. She said she didn’t see any signs of anything being wrong and said she didn’t think diagnostic testing was appropriate at this time. I still asked for it and she said she wouldn’t even know what to X-ray and bloodwork isn’t necessary yet. She gave him pain meds and I gave the meds to him around 12pm today. He seemed to be doing great until the meds wore off and started shaking again. What could be wrong with him? Any ideas? I’m worried about him. I found him about a year and a half ago roaming around my apartment complex, skinny and beat up (had a BIG infected lump at the base of his tail from an animal bite). He was clearly abandoned. He’s an awesome cat and I don’t want to lose him.

He’s a 2 year old tabby (DSH) with feline hyperesthesia (mild case) and mild asthma.

Thanks in advance!

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