A colony of feral cats showed up last summer and I felt bad for this…

A colony of feral cats showed up last summer and I felt bad for this little female because she was hurt with an open wound and I’d seen her run from the other bigger tom cats. So I started feeding her, hoping good nutrition would help her heal, and it did. When the weather got terribly cold and windy I made her a bed under my Adirondak chair’s footstools, closed it all up to keep her warm, and so of course I now have a stray, feral cat living on my patio. I know she’s been spayed and let go by a no kill shelter because her left ear is snipped. My cats are jealous and haven’t been able to go out because they need their vaccines, and I don’t know what kinds of diseases she could have. She’s also digging in the mulch and using my flower beds as her litter box. I can’t even open my family room windows because she sits on the chairs outside and looks in the windows when she’s waiting to be fed, and I don’t want her to sneeze on them or anything. In my love and concern for animals, I’ve really made a huge blunder this time, and really don’t know what to do. The cost of feeding 3 cats now has gotten to be too much as well. I can’t afford vet fees for my cats to have checkups and shots, so I certainly can’t afford to have them tested for anything, should they come in contact with her, or her excrement, or even the bed I made for her, even the patio, where I’ve fed her. What can I do?

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