Ps we always make sure the house is completely clean so I don’t assume it…

Ps we always make sure the house is completely clean so I don’t assume it has anything to do with that. Although I honestly have no idea why they keep on crawling back if we’ve been treating the them

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5 years ago

don’t forget to treat your home as well as the animals!

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Georgia….Frontline isn’t working too well this year. There have been several reports about it, including one from my Vet. Seems fleas are mutating and becoming immune to it.

I would try another brand. Stronghold is good (prescription needed), Advantage ect.

Its much cheaper to buy it online by the way than from your Vet. Have a look at that helps. 

julie brader
5 years ago

You are welcome ?

julie brader
5 years ago

I agree with Krista, I still use Frontline and don’t have any problem with fleas at all. I daren’t use anything else as one of my dogs is quite fragile and I know Frontline is safe for him. I recommended as its a very trusted site here in the UK, which sells not only Frontline ect but prescription medication too.

Perhaps it is imposter Frontline thats the problem but here we do seem to be having trouble with it not working. So yes Georgia be careful where you get it from.