Can cats get depressed? Concerned that our 11 year old cat is either depressed or…

Can cats get depressed? Concerned that our 11 year old cat is either depressed or sick. He is a big cat, part Maine Coon. He has been on thyroid medication for the past year.1 pill 2x per day. He had his last check up for this a few weeks ago. Normally a social outgoing big cat that loves to eat has been hiding under our son’s bed for 3 days since daughter returned to college. He is not coming to greet me when I come home nor caring to eat or drink. The first day after she left he pooped on the bathroom rug. He did this when she left for school in the fall. The next day he peed on rug in front of my dresser. That is a new behavior. He is like a rag doll when we pick him up. Daughter called. We put her on speaker phone and he perked up when he heard her voice on the phone. After the call he dragged himself to lay under the kitchen table. Then into the next room to use the litter box and is now laying in front of his food bowl. He sniffed the food but is not eating. We don’t know if he is sick or depressed. I called his Vets and was given the next appt which is on Monday. Thank you for any help. He is a well loved cat and our daughter has always spent a lot of time with him

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Emily, I do think that cats can get depressed but it sounds more serious than depression in this case. Significant and severe changes in behavior, attitude, and the rest of the clinical signs that you have mentioned warrant a trip to the vet, and before Monday. Call your vet and explain your concerns and your cats actions, specifically about not eating, the lethargy, and the change in bathroom habits. If they still cannot, or will not see you before Monday then perhaps you should go to the closest emergency clinic or find a vet that can see you ASAP.… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Emily,

Thank you for the kind words. And I am soo happy that we could help!!

Best of luck to you both.