my cat snuggles had crystals in his urine became very lethargic (looked like he was…

my cat snuggles had crystals in his urine became very lethargic (looked like he was going to die) he had a urinalysis had very high bilirubin and something else so the dr thought he had chronic kidney failure he had an ultrasound done and said he had a mild infection in his kidneys and said he had sepsis. he was put on orbax and biomox. it didnt do anything for him he seemed to be getting worse. so they started giving him fluids for dehydration and pain killers for the pain in his abdominand in injectable antibiotic for 3 days he also did a cbc and when the results came in he thought he had addisons disease. his sodium was low and i think he said the potassium was high his sugar was like 225, so he gave him steroids and he perked up and started to eat. then he did a test for addisons and it was negative. the dr. said he cant figure out what is wrong with him. now he goes to the little box like 10 times in a row and only pees a small amount at a time. hes back on the original meds., he is not back to his normal self, but he is like 80% better then he was. any ideas what it could be? or should i just go to a new dr? i’m frustrated my bill is ridiculous and still no diagnosis and i feel so bad for my kitty

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julie brader
5 years ago

I would get a second opinion from another Vet.  I don’t know much about Addisons ect but I do know about Crystals in their bladder…my dog had Struvite Crystals a couple of years ago. By the sounds of the way Snuggles is using his litter tray he still has them. Its very painful for them to wee, the Crystals are very sharp which is why hes going so much and only doing a dribble. He may well need a catheter to empty his bladder.  I’m surprised the Vet didn’t do that….its obviously very dangerous if their bladder gets too full… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Oh ok……what a worry for you. If you are not happy take him to another Vet. Sounds like the crystals are back to me.

julie brader
5 years ago

I’m pleased Robin answered he knows more about cats than me….my thing is dogs lol You will need to find him a Low Purine food once the crystals have gone. Good luck

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

I went through almost the same thing with my cat smokey, the first time I took him to the emergency  vet and they said he had crystals so they kept him over night, in the morning I went and picked him up and paid $1000 and not even a day later he was acting the same way so then i brought him to a vet and they said he still was full of  crystals so he spent the night there and cost me $1500, she told me to change his diet, after that visit and $2500 later he was crystal… Read more »