Then he fell off to sleep woke up about 4 o’clock and he was limping…

Then he fell off to sleep woke up about 4 o’clock and he was limping I noticed à cut on his leg where it looks like he may of been bit by ànother cat but I have woke up this morning to feed him and he can’t walk on his front leg at all

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5 years ago

sounds like a vet visit is in order…and keep him inside, at least until it’s healed.

5 years ago

that’s good!

this is why i encourage people to keep their cats inside all the time, though. you can’t control what happens once he goes outside. you can’t prevent him from getting into a fight and getting hurt, or getting run over by a car.

i know it’s generally accepted to let cats go outside in the UK – i have a friend who does it daily – but it really isn’t safe for them. consider keeping him inside all the time, for his safety?

Margrit Simons
5 years ago

My rescued de-clawed cat ( Angel), who I took in from outside last year, insisted on going out every morning because she was used to it! It took a while, but slowly I weaned her from going out by playing with her instead. There are too many cats who get run over by cars, who get stolen or who bring in fleas, ticks, or who just get hurt in other ways! I would keep a cat inside, perhaps keeping her happy with adding another cat for compnionship!