How can a cat that is on mostly wet food, (only a sprinkling of dry…

How can a cat that is on mostly wet food, (only a sprinkling of dry with his wet) still get a UTI and blockage. Is it possible that a canned food diet that consists of largely fish (they prefer them over the chicken and turkey varieties) is the cause? I have a Maine Coone male that is 3 years old and he is now at the ER. I feed him the 5 varities of Natural Balance from Pet Valu. 3 of the 5 are fish, and another is fish based, but not actually called fish. The dry is a good quality grain free, but he gets very little of this. I am at a loss and do not want to go thru this again as the expense is prohibitive. any thoughts?

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Carole, There are many factors that contribute to urinary issues in cats. The food is of course one component. There many parts to choosing a food and there are even some that are more "urinary friendly" than others. For all cats that have had previous urinary issues, or is predisposed to future urinary issues, I do recommend that cats be given wet food versus dry. I also think that adding some water to the wet food so that it is more of a slurry consistency will help. The addition of a fountain is also a good idea. The point… Read more »