He is still eating normally. He is also happy to play with the shoe lace…

He is still eating normally. He is also happy to play with the shoe lace when I dangle it in front of him. He is hiding right now, but seems more annoyed than in pain. He has been eating Wellness food, but I just read that it might be causing UTIs, despite the price and the claims. I’m on a very tight budget, and there has been a lot of job-related stress in my house. I prefer homeopathic options, but understand that in a lot of cases, urinary problems require vet care.

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5 years ago

if your cat has a UTI, he needs medical intervention with antibiotics to cure the infection. UTIs, if left untreated, can be fatal to male cats.

please make your cat’s health a priority and take him in NOW.

David Bent
5 years ago

Dear Jessica
male cats are prone to UTI’s especially if they are stress babies like my Archie- Just monitor him- could have just been an infection but if he has trouble going then get vet immediately.
My boy had a lot of trouble with UTI – and yes I understand about financial stress – one time I had to take out a personal loan !!
He has been fine since being on ” Royal Canin- Urinary biscuits-” Can you get these in America?
Financially it works out about the same cost as commercial dry food
best wishes, David