She just came home today from the vet. I took her in on Thursday…

She just came home today from the vet. I took her in on Thursday for vomiting up blood. They kept her did tests, xrays, laxatone and iv fluids over night. she didn’t vomit, but had some diarrhea, blood work was fine. Brought her home, still won’t eat or drink, pooped out a long, flat whiteish worm, and now there is another one just barely hanging out of her butt. I tried to pull it out but she cried so I stopped. I plan to go back to the vet first thing in the morning, but what do I do for now?

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sarah whiley
5 years ago

Possibly a ring worm, needs to be pulled out. If there us blood take to a vet asap

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

DO NOT pull the worm. The possibility of it being attached to the intestine exists and pulling it can cause pain or damage. Please just take the cat to the vet for treatment.
Good luck.