My cat has been peeing on things for some time now. There is nothing medically…

My cat has been peeing on things for some time now. There is nothing medically wrong and I have tried everything. What can I do to make him stop!?

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Denise Ford
5 years ago

cat may be scared, you can try putting cat in a large dog kennel with cat box, blanket, food, water. keep in there unless you are with him and see if after a few days if it helps, cats wont soil where they sleep unless something medically is wrong. dont use this as punishment, make sure you spend time with cat, but when you are not there or at night have cat in kennel

5 years ago

what do you mean by everything?

  1. do you have two litterboxes?  
  2. do you scoop daily, and clean weekly?  
  3. have you tried Feliway?  
  4. is your household a calm one or a boisterous one?  
  5. do you have other pets in the house?
  6. have you tried other varieties of litter?
  7. is he neutered?
  8. are their neighborhood cats that may be tormenting him from outside?

5 years ago

hmmmm…that makes me wonder if you’re using a household cleaner he really doesn’t like. might be best to retrain him to the litterbox. consider cat attract litter and lock him in a bathroom with all his necessities for a bit.