It’s terrifying them and making them shake so I’ve had to comfort them and make…

It’s terrifying them and making them shake so I’ve had to comfort them and make sure she doesn’t come in and it feels like I’m being really mean, I just would rather know why this is happening so my mind is at rest. They’re so tiny and it’s horrible to see. I’ll be honest, and I’ve had relatives making nasty remarks about this but – I was supposed to get her spayed over the weekend but I really can’t afford it until payday next week. Which by the way I am going to do. However, the neighbours cat, the kitties dad, made his way into the house in the middle of the night. Momma came in season around 18 days ago and it usually lasts around 11 days. She was also showing no signs of still being in season. But there he was last night, sat in the hallway with her. I don’t know if they got up to anything but I’m just ruling out a possibility as to why she’s behaving this way towards her babies. I love them all with all my heart and I hate to see this conflict between them 🙁

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julie brader
5 years ago

Firstly I have no doubt they mated again. Get her spayed next week! Don’t leave it any longer.

Shes probably hissing at the kittens when they try and feed from her. They have needle teeth now and shes telling them to go find their own food! 

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

At 5 weeks you can start to feed the kittens soft can food but not much at first, when my cat had 5 kittens I split one can between all the kittens, you may see that there poop might be a little runny at first but it will harden after there systems get use to the food, you can even start them on  hard food but mix it with warm water, I always put hard food in a dish and fill it with warm water then when its soft mash it well and feed to the babies. It is normal… Read more »