My cat hasnt been using the litter box. Using the bathroom on the floor. What…

My cat hasnt been using the litter box. Using the bathroom on the floor. What could be wrong?

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Zaftig Ribaldry
5 years ago

I’ve used the pet store urinary tract drops in my cat’s water before when she did this for awhile (found out it was from the litter causing her urinary issues, we changed litter, gave her the drops and she was better) — hope your kitty feels better soon!

Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

This can be from a number of things; an infection of some kind, maybe a urinary tract infection, stress from any changes in the home, litter box not cleaned often enough, etc. the best thing to do is to call your vet. They may start by looking at a urine sample, I hope your cat is better soon!

5 years ago

it absolutely could be Friskies – it’s not a good food by any stretch. try to feed something higher quality – meat absolutely needs to be in the first few ingredients, and not just meat “meal.” avoid anything with corn in it, as cats cannot digest corn and it’s used as a cheap filler. i feed Wellness Complete Health with significant success – my boy has not had a UTI in the 9 years i’ve had him, and he is of a breed prone to UTIs. the 12 pound bag costs something in the neighborhood of $35 (depending on the… Read more »

dakoda peterson
5 years ago

If cats have sensitive paws they can refuse to use the litter box. If she’s older it may be a UTI