After surviving a huge fall fluffy seems not to be getting any help from the…

After surviving a huge fall fluffy seems not to be getting any help from the outside done right. The force feeding choked her. Now there is a feeding tube in her that got infected.

I feel like shes done the miracle part from her end and now she needs just something to go right for her. Just ONE thing :s

She lost one eye which seems to now be infected and the other eye has stuff on it like its also infected. Im going everyday as Krista suggested to be proactive but they are making a HUGE exception (he keeps reminding me of that) and only allows it for like 30 mins.

They seem to do the operating and grooming in the same room 🙁 I dont know..

Anyways she was supposed to be home today with instructions of the feeding tube. I went there feeling so good then saw her and before the vet said it i already knew she caught something.

So now after 8 days at the vet, her body under her fur is super skinny and her feeding tube is infected. She does know who i am and does get excited when i go.

She isnt eating manually neither by me or the vets. If she was home and not on a freezing table i do believe i can get her to eat and have experience with cats who are not eating. Even that one first tiny feed of so many options that takes hours of trying.. i have done that. Im soooooo patient with all our animals.

Im not putting her to sleep until that is the only option and in her vets opinion its an 80% survival rate (we’ve gone from i don’t know to an 80%).

Id like to do something tmrw other than try to feed her, im set up with that. But i would like to also clean her eye that is ok.

She has this plastic circle thing wrapped around her neck. Its also not clean.. ARGHHH feeling frustrated by just thinking about it.

Right now i cant ‘hurt the vets feelings’ as he’s the best here (the best out of the list of terrible) but i want to clean her tmrw whether he approves or not. He said he cleaned her in the morning but there was something on the circle thing around her head that has been there since Friday.

Are baby wipes an option? Atleast i want to clean her body and the eye that is still working.

If baby wipes might not be good do i use tissue and water? for her working eye a cotton bud and water?

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