So my cat Franky used to sleep in my bed every single night he was…

So my cat Franky used to sleep in my bed every single night he was the type of cat who loved to cuddle with you he did this since he was a kitten. The way he became my cat was that I found him when he was a kitten on a farm and he was infested with fleas and malnourished and I took him in and took care of him got him neutered etc. he was an indoor / outdoor cat but he preferred to be indoors. he was always pretty healthy except for when he was about 7 or 8 years old he was having trouble urinating he would Squat in the box and nothing would come out or if so only a little bit. so when I took him to the vet they saw that he was blocked but during his stay at the vet he was able to urinate on his own. probably a month or so later this occurred again and the same thing happened he ended up urinating on his own. he got blocked a third time and the doctor put him under anesthesia and had to unblock him the doctor said he found a lot of crystals in his urethra. this experience caused Franky a lot of stress and he kept to himself more at home. Franky, like I said used to sleep with me every single night no matter what he still slept with me after this experience. About a year or year and a half after that he just randomly stopped sleeping in my bed. I would try to bring him down to my bed but he would always seem very uncomfortable and restless and he would get up and scratch at the door wanting to get out. I kept trying to have him sleep with me but I eventually just accepted that he didn’t want to sleep in my bed anymore. he had a look of distress in his eyes often at this time as well.. I assumed that this may be caused by his traumatic experience at the vet when he was unblocked. this went on for quite a while where Franky did not seem himself but I always thought it was just related to trauma from the vet experience. maybe about a year after he was unblocked I noticed he started to look thinner but he had a very hearty appetite. so I decided to bring him to the vet regarding his weight loss I didn’t think it was anything serious. the vet who looked at him took blood work and she said she doesn’t know what is wrong with him but whatever it is it is not good at all. I took him to another vet and they did more blood tests all the blood tests were coming back normal the only test that wasnt normal was the urine protein creatinine level it was slightly elevated so the doctor started putting him on urinary diet and assuming this was kidney related. but he said that he really wasn’t sure because all the other levels of his blood work were normal his thyroid was checked and it was normal they did stool sample test they checked his glucose level. the vets did everything they could think of. I took Franky to another vet and we decided to do an ultrasound of his abdomen nothing was found. they said it looked normal but yet franky kept losing weight the doctor gave me antibiotics to try and a few other medications but these only seem to make it worse Frankie started having horrible explosive diarrhea he was not having the diarrhea before he went on the medication. I stopped the medication completely but the diarrhea continued it did not stop ever Franky’s appetite increased a lot he was always hungry but so skinny at this point. Franky went from A nine and a half pound cat to a four and a half pound cat by the time he passed away. I took him another vet and they had a feeling he had pancreatitis so they tested him and it came back positive for pancreatitis the doctor gave me a bunch of vitamins to start giving Franky but that didn’t seem to help his condition at all. he was still just wasting away.Franky would eat and eat and eat but he would just have horrible liquid diarrhea immediately after and he would have it constantly he could not control his diarrhea he was going in the bed on the floor everywhere. Also it is important to mention that Franky stopped laying down it was almost like he couldn’t lay down he would stand hunched almost in the shape of a muffin with his feet really close together he was stand right on the tips of his toes with his back hunched. I could tell that Franky was in so much pain at this point we did start giving him some subcutaneous pain medication and some subcutaneous fluids he seemed to feel a little better after this but still nothing was curing Franky. a vet technician suggested to me that Franky may have Cushing’s disease I was thinking this could be a possibility and I asked another vet if they would test Franky for this. The vet told me that I would be wasting my money because it is not very common for cats to get Cushing’s disease and she didn’t feel that his symptoms matched up. the day before Franky died I brought him back to the Animal Hospital to the same doctor who told me she didn’t think he had Cushing’s disease. I decided to have them do another ultrasound and this was about two months after the first ultrasound they had done. on this ultrasound they saw that he had an adrenal mass which they hadn’t been able to see on the last ultrasound 2 months ago. the veterinarian didn’t really tell me much as far as what she thought it meant. I told her I have read that an adrenal mass coincides with Cushing’s disease and she said that she could do the cushings test for me if I wanted to at that point but Frankys blood sugar had dropped at this point and he was in so much pain I did not want to put him through the test. I took him home that night and his temperature had dropped he was so cold and I warmed blankets in the dryer all night long to keep him warm. in the morning it was clear that Franky was not going to make it and I brought him into the vet and had him put to sleep. it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I loved Franky and still love him so incredibly much I think about him constantly and I just wonder what it was that made him so sick .i wish i had noticed the symptoms a year before he got really sick he had not been sleeping in the bed with me he couldn’t he didn’t seem to get comfortable at night he was restless and he had a look of stress in his eyes but I didn’t pick up on the symptoms soon enough and once I realized it was too late. I tried everything I could think of to save him but nothing could. My question for you is, based off what I have written do you have any idea what could have caused his death? even if you aren’t correct that doesn’t matter I just can’t stop wondering what it was that made Franky so sick I just would like some suggestions based off the information I have given you as to what could have caused this.the question runs through my mind nearly every day and I just wonder what it was what would have caused the symptoms… was it cushings disease? Was it cancer? But if it was cancer then why were his symptoms starting over a year before with the restlessness and the distressing look in his eyes and how he stopped sleeping in the bed.I just need to know or at least have a better idea of what it could have been.. please give me anything you can think of… thank you very much for taking the time to read this and help me find some closure.

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6 years ago

because you didn’t like the answers you were given does not mean helpful answers will not be given. your cat needed a vet. that was the end of the discussion. i’m sorry that you didn’t like this answer, but that’s the only answer any of us could give.

Bal Sal
6 years ago

sorry about that man. but its very very rare that you will get anything usefull from this place. no good man