I have a cat under one who I just found a white worm hanging off…

I have a cat under one who I just found a white worm hanging off of her butt. I have you children. My oldest has had pinworms before and it was Aweful! I’m very concerned that they can get these worms. Please help.

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Julie Brader
5 years ago

Hi, I’m sure Krista is correct that this is a tapeworm….I thought roundworm because I’ve actually seen a cat with this problem. Perhaps you should have a look online at photos of internal parasites just to make sure which one you are dealing with?

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Jennifer, this must be awful.for you. Your cat and dog should have been wormed regularly and also treated for fleas. If you don’t do it this is what happens! These sound like roundworms though not seeing the worm I don’t know for sure. The answer to your question is yes not just your children but you and anyone else in your family can get these worms including your dog.  You really do need to see your Vet get your cat AND dog wormed and treated for fleas at the same time. I would also ask your Vet if you… Read more »