My twelve-year-old cat had (and still has?) fleas. The exterminator has sprayed my house twice…

My twelve-year-old cat had (and still has?) fleas. The exterminator has sprayed my house twice, and I’m alternating every two weeks between treatments of Frontline, Advantage, and Comfortis. It’s been several weeks since I’ve seen any fleas, but Gremlin is still scratching and grooming herself excessively. Are the fleas really gone? Is there anything else I could be doing? She is my only pet. She is strictly indoors.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Sorry you are having problems. Are you treating your house every 2 weeks or your cat? If its your cat these treatments are made to last 4 weeks or even longer and its going to build up in her system to the point of being toxic.

If you can’t see any fleas and are not finding any on her with a flea comb stop using treatments every 2 weeks and use them every 4 weeks as directed. 

julie brader
5 years ago

I have no idea what the larger confetti is but the way to find out if its flea dirt is to wet it slightly….it will be red from the blood. 

T think you are being sensible with the 4 weekly treatments. Be careful with mixing them too won’t you……it may cause a reaction. I would stick to one brand, using 3 won’t kill the fleas any better. 

David Bent
5 years ago

Hi Jessica

It sounds as though you have been very thorough indeed. I don’t thinks fleas are there anymore- you would see them on a flea comb

– it sounds like she may have a stress ? problem now

Maybe she has picked up on your anxious state- over grooming I think is a sign of stress

Good luck

David Bent
5 years ago

I agree with Julie
careful not to build up to a toxic level
and the flea comb would show any remaining fleas surely- the very fine comb
it does seem strange – this dirt residue though-
sounds as though you have done everything right
and you have asked the vet
The cynic in me always says -vets still also see dollar signs and this is not to cast aspersions on their devotion to their calling
good luck Jess