I want to post this up for some feedback and not sure where to…


I want to post this up for some feedback and not sure where to post.

My cat is 2 years and a very big cat. fell off the 5th floor window yesterday night at 1am, she just fell, I still feel like im just in a bad dream. I really love her a lot. She fell at 1am wrapped her in a blanket brought her back upstairs I was crying so much. I was in my pjs and full of blood: I started calling so many numbers and by 2am had a vet open up his ward for poor fluffy. He seems to be the best but honestly none of my cats have ever been injured so I don’t know.

She had one eye seemed to be turned in its socket, lots of blood from there, also blood coming out of her mouth. He took her temperature (was low) and took an x-ray. He said unfortuanalty her lungs are filled up with blood.

He is keeping her for a few days. I called several times today he said she is stable but he cannot say if she will survive this fall or not as she is still in critical condition but has 24/7 surveillance and he promised that whatever can be done is being done.

He mentioned he has seen worse cases that lived yet less severe cases that have died. He also said the first 24hrs are crucial then the next 3 days are crucial then if she is still alive after that he can asses more how her body is doing as each cat is different.
I am not doing okay, really im not, I cant stop crying. I know crying wont help her but right now I just need to hear that she will be ok and specifically I am feeling so much pitty about the pain I saw her in. He said he has her on an IV for fluids and also for pain management.

He didn’t mention putting her to sleep at first, So I asked if that was necessary at this point as I don’t want to be selfish and poor fluffy was just in so much pain. He said its my call but there is a chance of survival so we should go with that.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do, I feel helpless. Also any similar stories specifically with a fall of a kitty with xrays showing that the lungs are filled up with blood (yet showing all organs are where they are supposed to be) and what is in store for her? What should I do from my part in the next few days?

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Amlee Roundfield
5 years ago

I’m so sorry your kitty has been hurt so badly. I’ve not had experience with such an injury to any of my pets, past or ccurrent. However, I’d suggest the advice of the vet was ideal: wait and see.

Praying for your comfort and wisdom