My cat her eye is squinty and i don’t want to touch it if it.makes…

My cat her eye is squinty and i don’t want to touch it if it.makes it worse cause i don’t have money for a vet

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Sarah Butler
5 years ago

If the eye isn’t weeping and seems more irritated than infected, I find a few days of treatment with saline solution clears things up. Just add boiling water to a pinch of salt in a mug, allow it to cool down to room temp then dip in a cotton wool pad and gently wipe over the cats eye- using a clean pad for each wipe & eye so as not to add dirt back in. I normally do this 2-3 times a day. It’s free and definitely works for mild irritation but if there is any pus- you’ll need to… Read more »

Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

Eye infections are a serious problem for cats. It would be in your cats best interest for you to contact every local veterinarian that you can and see if any will offer a discount or payment plan. Also contacting local rescues might be an option for help with medical care.

Here are some more resources that might help: