We are a family of 4 with two girls, ages 9 & 12.  My husband…

We are a family of 4 with two girls, ages 9 & 12.  My husband and I grew up with dogs and cats in our households and after we married, we owned two littermate cats which we raised from kittens until they both passed away at the age of 16, about five years ago.  Our girls both desperately want pets. Our eldest daughter is obsessed with dogs, our youngest really wants a cat. My husband and I are fine with adopting both, but would like to plan out our best strategy for making this work.  Which animal should we adopt first? Is it easier to introduce a new dog to a resident cat or the other way around? My preference would be to adopt a kitten (adventurous and perhaps a bit more tolerant?) and a medium sized dog that is 2-5 years old (still young, but no longer in its puppy stage), but we are open to recommendations. Is there anything else we should be considering? We’d appreciate any advice. 

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Shelby-Lynne Sweeney
5 years ago

Usually shelters/rescues have a system and will tell you if the animals are good with other animals (including what kinds) and children. Sometimes you can even find animals that came in together and already were housemates! But you can call around. Some places even have online profiles for their animals. I tend to go to the rescues/shelters in my area I’ve researched and know are reputable. As for bringing in the cat or dog first, I feel it depends on the animals. I’ve had dogs come into the house and love other dogs but be terrified of cats and run… Read more »

5 years ago

it would be best to go through reputable rescues (not shelters) for both animals.  tell them you intend to have a mixed species household, plus you have children, so the animals would need to be friendly with each other as well as your kids.