My 4 year old male cat has had diarrhea every day for the last four…

My 4 year old male cat has had diarrhea every day for the last four days. He doesn’t seem to be ill-he isn’t lethargic, he played with the other cats last night, his eyes aren’t glassy…but his poop is liquid. He has not made it to the litter box two times out of four. This morning he had diarrhea and had left little spots of liquid poop around the basement. We switched him to eating small bits of wet food (he normally eats dry) yesterday and have given him lots of water. At what point do we need to go to the vet?

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Generally, to me, a diarrhea that lasts longer than one or two days means it’s time to see a vet.

Vicki Hamill
5 years ago

Go to the vet, she needs fluid ( Sub Cutaneous) under the skin to perk her up and probably a stool sample ( bring one with you) to be analyzed for Parasites. They’ll give her Clavamox or some other Antibiotic (Batril ) Don’t wait !

Shahina Zaman
5 years ago

Are you giving him some sort of milk product ? Stop it then.Check his body temperature . If high then definitely there is infection .

Consult a vet immediately.