my cat also goes to vet 4 to 5 times a month for checkup and…

my cat also goes to vet 4 to 5 times a month for checkup and glucose curve,he just had test that show no infection,i am doing everything i can and following drs orders,i keep a daily diary of his shots and the amount of food he eats and water intake urine output.i write a daily note on how he is acting ect. he is so sick and suffering i am talking to the dr about putting him down.quality of life for him is what matters.i dont want him to suffer.this is heartbreaking and frustrating

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Dawn Ferara, DVM
4 years ago

Wow, you are one of the most dedicated diabetic cat owners I have seen in my career!  You seem (from your description) to be very dedicated to your cat. Usually, cats start to develop resistance to insulin which is why the amount of insulin will increase with time.  However, your cat seems to be getting worse more rapidly than usual. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you if your cats quality of life has been compromised, the only person who can decide that is you.  I understand that watching your cat go through this can be troubling. I wonder if there could… Read more »