Okay so I’ve had a cat for 3 months (it was a stray) and she’s…

Okay so I’ve had a cat for 3 months (it was a stray) and she’s roughly 1 year old. I know little about cats and I’m wondering about her breathing. It’s roughly 31 breaths/min when she’s sitting (usually lower when she’s in a deep sleep) and I think this is normal for her. However If cats breathe from their chests, why can you see the spot on the lower part of the body rise and fall when they’re sleeping, and move slightly when they’re sitting? Sometimes when my cat’s asleep that spot on the lower part of her body will rise and fall very quickly for about 2 seconds max. Is this normal? Also sometimes -mainly when she’s purring- her breathing changes so she’ll inhale normally- and exhale quite suddenly- which can cause her to shudder slightly. Is this normal?

Also I’ve got the links to some videos of my cat breathing and would be grateful if you checked them out-

Btw my cat has had several check ups since I got her and the vet’s never said anything about her breathing.

Sorry for all the questions – I’m just confused!

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello Lola,I watched the video links,,pretty cool, cute kitty!! …totally normal how she’s breathing. Cat’s normally breath 20-30 breaths per minute while at “rest’ ,,obviously that would go up if excited or stressed.When they breath you will see the entire abdomen rise just like your video. It’s normal. Just like when you  take in a breath, it’s not just the top part of your chest that moves, but your entire abdomen. .purring will change how the cat breaths, so that is normal also. I’m glad to hear that your cat has had several check ups and your vet has found… Read more »