My cat has been acting strange since about Wednesday. From Wednesday afternoon ’til today he’s…

My cat has been acting strange since about Wednesday. From Wednesday afternoon ’til today he’s mostly just been lying in the same spot. It didn’t seem like he’d been eating so we brought his food and water to him yesterday afternoon/evening. He drank some but didn’t eat much so we gave him some tuna and he scarfed that down. He had a bit more energy after that(he was licking himself, he moved around a little) but just ended up going back to that same spot and sleeping there overnight. He seems a little better today. He came and slept in my bed this morning, drank a little water and walked around the house a little bit but has back in that spot for an hour or so now. He also meows to me every time I come by which is normal but he usually does so if he wants food/water/attention or to go outside, none of which he seems to care for so I can’t help but think he feels off. He’s normally very lively and active; ALWAYS going in and out of the house, exploring, and wanting more water and food. I don’t know what could be wrong.

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Luwam, Thank you for the question. Those kitty cats can be quite independent and puzzling at times. I think it is the beauty of them, they get to be exactly what they want to be, when they want to be it, and don’t ask for permission,,,BUT, I am a bit concerned about the change in behavior. A cat can have very inconsistent, subtle, and elusive ways of telling you that they are not feeling well. And, a cat that isn’t waiting for even a few days can begin to have very dangerous changes in their liver, if left untreated… Read more »