I am relocating 28 hours away. I will be driving over 3 days. I’ll be…

I am relocating 28 hours away. I will be driving over 3 days. I’ll be there for several days, then on vacation for a week. My question is, would it be better to tranquilize him and take him on the drive with me, then board him while I’m gone. The other option is to leave him with a friend, then fly him out after my vacation. My fear with this is, the airlines require you bring him to a vet 10 days before the flight to get cleared. He is 10, and although to me he appears to be in good health, he hasn’t seen a vet in years. If they don’t clear him to fly, I wouldn’t be able to get him until Christmas. What would be best for my cat? Thank you

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5 years ago

this is a tough call.  you know your cat best. you should take your cat to the vet for a checkup regularly.  i understand why you haven’t – assuming he’s an indoor cat, he doesn’t get exposed to all of the pathogens, parasites, and other problems that outdoor cats and dogs get exposed to, so you figure he’s okay, right?  as he ages, though, he’ll need a vet…this is around the time things like hyperthyroidism rear their ugly head. so get him seen by the vet anyway, and discuss this entire situation with them.  personally, i’d avoid drugging a cat… Read more »