I currently have a 9 week old lab at home, and although he is a…

I currently have a 9 week old lab at home, and although he is a bundle of joy, sometimes he can be a nightmare. Especially when he’s biting up the pee pads (hopefully not swallowing), and rampaging through the house. I’m not only worried for the furniture but also for the lab itself, as it is crashing into chairs and tables with no remorse.

I have excercised with him through training, and playing tug to tire him out, yet he still has these random bursts of energy. Any help would be appreciated.

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5 years ago

Hi Nathan, I agree with Dr. Magnifico,,,lab pups have TONS of energy. They can go and go and go. The breed is a working breed so they can spend hours out running and playing and never seem to tire. Make sure to add more exercise to your routine to really tire him out. Labs also seem like they are “puppies” for 1-3yrs. Many people that have labs say they keep their puppy energy well into adulthood. If you work from home or if no one is home during the day, investing in a pet walker during the day for a… Read more »