I brush my 3 dogs teeth several times per week but feel that I can’t…

I brush my 3 dogs teeth several times per week but feel that I can’t get to insides of teeth well. My Bichon is beginning to eat slower than he used to and it seems his teeth are becoming sensitive. Is there anything in addition to brushing with dog specific toothpaste to support dental health? I am seeking the most natural intervention possible.

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Kasey Litt
7 years ago

Great question Lori! Small dogs are especially endanger of having teeth issues. I was on a very interesting pet chat regarding this very subject a few weeks ago. In addition to the brushing, try giving your pup a dental chew. You want the dental chew to have enough "bite" that your Bichon is actively engaged in chewing but according to a Vet/Dentist, Dr. Brook Niemiec from Southern California Vet Dental Specialties, the chews should be soft enough that if you pressed your thumbnail into the treat, you should leave an impression. This was news to me and had thought things… Read more »