My brother has been out of town and my parents were taking care of his…

My brother has been out of town and my parents were taking care of his dogs. They are older Siberian Huskies, about 13 or 14 years old. Not sure because they were rescues and my brother had them for 12 years at least.

My parents took them to the groomers to get cleaned up since they had gotten dirty and stinky from playing outside. When the groomer began brushing the female’s coat, a clump of hair came out around the neck area and the underlying skin was bleeding.

Just over 24 hours later, the dog passed away. My parents weren’t able to get her to the vet or anything. Is it possible there was a prior skin infection that got exposed and she got a secondary infection and passed? Or was it simply a coincidence she went to the groomer and then passed within 24 hours.

My parents are blaming themselves for taking her to the groomer and I am trying to find ways to assure them it’s not their fault. Hoping someone can point me to sources that could justify this.

She’s gotten skinnier and slower over the last year and her coat was getting drier and coarse. Any suggestions helpful. I looked up information on mange but most people do not talk about how the dog can die from mange.

Thank you for reviewing!

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