I have a 5 year old mix breed that has been diagnosed with ivdd and…

I have a 5 year old mix breed that has been diagnosed with ivdd and prescribed prednisone and methocarbamol and Pepcid and that’s it. I have had to take her back in for hospital stays twice now because she’s in serious pain. They keep her giving her larger doses in shots and morphine and keep me posted. I picked her up yesterday around 10 am and at 7 she was crying in incredible pain again and she was in her kennel all day. I watched your videos and you explained things easier for me to understand and placed knowledge in my hands that they didn’t. I’m not saying they did a bad job and they more than worked with me so I could pay my bill because I am living on social security which isn’t very much. I don’t understand why they are having such a hard time managing her pain levels with the medications they have prescribed. They called just as was losing my calmness and about to call them and be an ass. I just wanted help making her well and not having to return every 4 or 5 days for more injections. I reported my evening and what I had administered and her waking several times wailing throughout the night. I asked if maybe we should increase the dosages and she said she would document the events and have the doctor call later today. Having the knowledge to ask the right questions was all about you and your kindness to share. I am totally thankful for you giving my dog an informed fur Father’s approach, instead of a freaked out puppy parent panicking and taking her back to the money pit with short lasting results. Bless you and your efforts to make them accountable as human beings. There are far to few human beings anymore and just wallet emptying machines praying on our love for our family members. Praise and blessings Krista and again thank you so very much. Gwen says thank you too. Love my girl…..

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your pup. I am also sorry that she has been in so much pain. If you are getting frustrated ask friends or family for advice on who they know that might be a better fit for you and your pups needs. Maybe it is time for a different vet? One who will be more informative and helpful? Also ask lots of questions about how you can help her stay comfortable at home. Like maybe with cage rest and picking her up carefully to go outside for bathroom breaks. maybe even a sling or support… Read more »