I found a free kitten on craigslist and this kitten seemed meant to be because…

I found a free kitten on craigslist and this kitten seemed meant to be because they lived literally 2 minutes away and that never happens to me on that site! Anyway, I got to the home and I noticed right off the bat that she was abnormally smart. Like, I’ve never met a cat so smart before, let alone, A KITTEN! Anyway, it took me an hour of being there to finally get ahold of her. She made sure that we weren’t going to get a hold of her. I did not chase her, sat on the floor and acted as if I was not interested (for obvious reasons.) The owner obviously wanted me out of his home and he finally had caught her and handed her to me.. I was not okay with this because she was already stressed enough being that I seriously believe she knew she was leaving and not coming back. She was born April 1st or so and has lived with the man the entire time. My question is, I’ve never handled a kitten taking the move so hard before.. I am not sure how to handle the situation because she has been meowing quite often in my daughters room and its very dark in there. It’s breaking my heart… I don’t want to ignore her, but I don’t believe she wants my attention. Seems more like depressed cry… Can I get some insight and advice? I feel like shes attached to the owner and she might not ever get comfortable because she feels I took her away from him…

Thanks in advance..

(Im not sure what type of cat she is, he said calico mixed with something he didnt know, but I thought calico was just a color, not a breed.. she seems to have a lot of traits that a bengal mix would have though..)

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5 years ago

just give her time to adjust.  it’ll happen, but she needs time.  make sure she has a quiet, dark place to hide, a litterbox, and food and water in that quiet dark place.

cats are amazingly resilient.  

we call those “moggies” – typical American Shorthair mixes.